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9.00 Introduction, music from Jagaspace, talks: Julia Laffranque, Jaan Aru, Lee Cronin (video)
Break 30 min
11.00 Lucy McRae (video), Randal Koene, Steve Omohundro, Tom Bieling, Maike Lond, Jae Rhim Lee (video), Andres Lehtmets
12.45 Lunch break 1 h
13.45 Jane Poynter (video), Kalev Leetaru, Robert Pefferly, James H Kunstler (video), Teele Pehk
15.15 Break 1 h 10 min
16.25 Video, Anders Sandberg, Hannes Tamjärv, Rachel Botsman (video), Anzori Barkalaja, video
18.00 Afterparty and discussions