TEDxTallinn 2013: On the Edge

Inspirational Persuasive Speech Topics

TEDxTallinn is an inspirational conference, which presents exceptional speakers from different fields of life: fanatical devotees, thinkers, creators, executors – people with ideas that are worth sharing.

The title of TEDxTallinn 2013 is On the Edge, to signify the situation of Estonia in the broader (geopolitical) perspective as well as more intimately as the (spiritual) state of people in a more private sphere. The current situation involves a lot of internal confusion, anxious anticipation and justified questions on more than one level. We will be looking for answers to these very questions together and from different perspectives so we can make the best decision when facing the different alternatives – or in other words – to distinguish between the options and inevitability. Examples, whether realized or in progress, domestic or global, point to topical issues, that are awaiting for a solution that means actual steps that have to be taken.

A boundary usually marks a transition between different opinions, positions or characteristics (familiar or strange; good or bad; now or never; all or nothing), marking a sort of no-man’s-land between the extremes. In this sense the life on the edge may seem safe and easy, because no difficult decisions are made and no unnecessary (that is unessential) risks taken, but our reality, past and future imply that we can only change the world by shifting the boundaries – the powers of changing the course of human development are at the hands of the people.
The inspirational TEDxTallinn 2013 will give the floor to the people whose speeches may encourage the participants to find ways of improving their lives or societies. We are all standing on the edge, there are innumerable boundaries but our tomorrow depends on the decisions we are making today. Let us cross these limiting boundaries together!

TEDxTallinn 2013: On the Edge will take place on 3 May at the Salme Kultuurikeskus. Registration for participating at the venue has closed but you can participate through live simulcast!